WIX Review

Modern platform with convenient drag-and-drop editor built in serves as a real helper to make a website with all necessary features. Besides, skills of coding are not obvious to have. The platform includes creative templates in huge amount and practical tools for future website’s configurations. Being budget-friendly and clear for beginners, Wix will provide everything for websites with different aims and format.

Wix Pros and Cons


  • Successful combination of intuitive interface and convenient tools.
  • Additional features paid and for free. 
  • Good reviews even from experienced website builders. 


  • When the website starts working, templates can’t be changed.
  • Extra apps can increase the whole payment for the project.
  • Plenty of characteristics and tools can make beginning users mixed up.

Overview of Wix

According to statistics, Wix can boast about the amount of over 100 million users from 190 countries. Service is budget-free and provides an opportunity to create your website easily and amazingly quickly. 

Once website building was considered as something unusual and very expensive. So only whiz-kid coders or rich people could afford such a luxury. 

But over time some easier ways appeared. Due to Wix everyone who needs any kind of website can get it and even create it himself. Lines of code won’t be used, while wide variety of functions and templates organize the work of your own project’s creation. 

To estimate the platform’s opportunities just look through several sites based here. Their design is professional and creative at the same time, while functions work properly. 

Though many platforms with similar structure are common today, this one is rightly the most popular. 

What are the reasons for such statements? Firstly, great amount of directions allows to use the service for many industries. You can make sure yourself. 

  • Hotels and travelling;
  • business;
  • restaurant industry;
  • photography;
  • music;
  • all kinds of design. 

For any your purposes proper Wix templates can be easily found and used with apps and tools to create an impressive project. Want to share your portfolio? Or tell others about your hobbies and offer any services? All this can be covered with Wix. 

Being launched in 2006, the platform’s popularity has quickly grown. Wix started to position itself as a leading site builder, that soon was proved by its users. Before the detailed review of this product let’s find out what is website builders’ structure in general. 

It’s first of all a platform that is available online. Its purpose is to be an instrument of your future site’s creation, while you don’t use a single word of code. 

These helpers are divided into two parts: temple-based which are considered to be classic and AI (Artificial Intelligence), whose tools are rather new. 

An option of classic builder allows to look through pre-designed available templates and choose the most fitting one. The next step is to customize it and input all the necessary content and advanced characteristics. 

The working principle of AI is to ask users common questions to realize the future website’s type and main goals. Taking an account of user’s preferences the system finally produces the ready product with all needed configurations. So this option is for those who is not ready to waste hours for website building. 

Wix represents good communication of these two functions: it’s a classic builder, while AI platform is organically added. This decision provides choice of 500 templates, divided into categories, popular drag-and-drop editor and an opportunity to use Wix ADI for creating website automatically. 

Lots of reviews and advertising provide strong marketing for Wix, so its reputation is excellent. But we decide to test the product thoroughly ourselves. After researching we share the results for you to know whether this service is right what you need for the future project. 

Certainly, we’ll light not only advantages of Wix, but also its weak points. The platform will be tested in different conditions and taking an account of what are the customer’s purposes. 

How Easy is Wix to Use?

Our task was to make an easy experiment: everyday people were asked to try out the service and share their opinion afterwards. 

The results proved developers’ statements, Wix is really so multifunctional and easy to use. That’s what the participants think. 

  • “Really didn’t expect that today website creation is so accessible. Though my skills of working with computers are not so impressive, in an hour my simple website was ready.”
  • “As soon as I opened the Wix homepage, process of building began. And I managed to finish, so next time for these goals I definitely opt Wix.”

For your convenience developers provide Wix Editor or Wix ADI. The first option with functions of drag-and-drop, you just click on necessary elements and move them to the proper place by holding. 

The site’s set up takes little time, if only you don’t want to learn all the options carefully, and no efforts. 

So you spend time choosing templates and spacing elements around the screen or trust Wix ADI to design everything automatically. The system collects data about the future project and asks, how do you want to see it. Then right in a few seconds the new website appears. You can also make some changes if the result is different from what you expected to have.

It’s important that level of control with ADI is weaker. It’s like when you play on your phone and it’s easy, but using the game console you get much more fun, thought gameplay can be more difficult sometimes. 

Those who have more necessary skills for this aim can use Wix Code. Here templates are customized through HTML, but the option is not obligatory.

Customer Satisfaction

To make a conclusion we asked the users from the experiment whether they could recommend the platform. Their answers are striking. 

Most of them (88%) are going to recommend the service to others. If to be exact, the results are like that.

  • 12% higher than GoDaddy’s.
  • 20% higher than Squarespace’s.
  • 24% higher than Weebly’s.

What attracted users the most is the freedom of editing: big variety of patterns with easy-to-use tools of drag and drop type. The other strong side was the speed of creating and publishing. 

Lots of functions are, certainly, necessary. But for the first time users were slightly confused and didn’t know what to choose. So some time was spent just to get acquainted with the service. 

But still Wix is unrivalled in the area of quick and clear website creating.

Who is Wix Best For?

Sure, our studies prove that platform is one of the unbeaten services in its area. But is it so for you?

Though its filling is rich in various functions, still somebody can find it limited for some aims. Then other services can fit better for work. So, what categories will Wix go with the best?


This direction is the main one. Elements for lots of industries are divided into thematic categories. Handy services, mechanism of marketing and advertising and even estate to law are available. 

Additionally Wix proposes functions like appointment bookings, several subscription forms and email marketing. For convenience app market covers needs of necessary add-ins. 


When your goal is to run a fascinating online store, Wix is right what you use. Service for selling can appear easily and quickly. 

As for the amount of selling products – it has no limitations, including digital and physical ones. To realize the control of selling process you can use mobile app. Promotional codes and discounts are also available. 

When you feel that it’s time for your shop to grow, app Ecwid can be in service then. Here you are allowed to check inventory tracking, guest checkouts and social commerce.

Developers also worked on ecommerce analytics to make it stronger. In comparison with Wix competitors, here you access in-house data.

For more professional purposes like managing bulk orders it’s reasonable to look through other platforms which are more suitable for this aim. They can be Shopify or BigCommerce, their tools are right for online stores building.


Wix is also proud of this direction. You can get website for any event like anniversary or wedding. Here can be made a portfolio or even a simple online resume, as well. 

Templates cover this area properly, you definitely can find what you are looking for. 

And if you need larger variety of graphics and art, another good service for this is Squarespace. Templates there are more pretty and completely cover creative field. 


Thought-out tools and options are also provided for creating your fabulous blog. 

Users firstly create blog posts, then divide them into specific categories and add a comments section for the feedback. Search bar can be added too. 

And if that’s not enough, try out services of Weebly. Many experienced bloggers state that it’s a perfect platform for their preferences. 


If some users need a platform for a small project, others want to get a global website with known all over the world name and millions of users. Wix has necessary options to scale with you. App market is full of traditional add-ons, the amount of which regularly increases. 

But if you see that such extent is not enough, you can find your best fitting service on other platforms. While Wix developers are still improving the system so that one day no-one will decide to leave.

How Good are Wix’s Templates?

Available templates really look professional, while their amount includes hundreds of creative works. They are modern and corresponds to up-to-date trends. 

Users who have no design skills can still get a wonderful stylish website.

For convenience templates are sorted according to their category – photography, blogging, business. Products are mobile responsive, so your website can be used from any gadgets like tablets and smartphones. 

Here appears a weak point – just after being published, templates become constant and users can’t switch them. So you should choose one carefully and not in a hurry. 

If you understand that the limitation makes a great deal, try out Squarespace platform. Here you easily change templates for new ones in any time.

We also asked industry-leading web design expert to look through Wix and say, why is it different from its competitors. Let’s check the answer. 

  • “Coherent features which can run down the page make me say that Wix completely fit the main purposes. However, for more creative design patterns Squarespace will go better.”

Design Customization

Ready-made templates are created according to the developers’ preferences, while they, certainly, fit most customers’ aims. However, for making your own changes you should do some editing.

The process is quite easy. For instance, for working with the text you have to click on the dummy one and replace it with your own. 

Content also can be input from online accounts or laptop. 

After a few minutes of practicing you realise that it’s rather easy to make real masterpieces from standard templates. 

Let’s have a look at the animation button. It allows any elements on your page to move. Headings and photos can spin, fade out and change the scale. 

You can also add some extra features just by dragging them. 

Depending on your industry, you can involve music players, restaurant menus, maps and blogs. That’s only a bit of all available opportunities. 

When additional functions are downloaded, you can start customizing them – effects, behavior, size. 

Also a large photography library of professional works is a strong point of the platform. Media content for free saves your time and proposes something really unique.

Wix’s Tools and Features

Though templates seem to be the brightest part of the platform, its multidimensional tools still matter a lot. The most important ones are here to be estimated by you. 

App Market

Standard tools go with wide variety of features, but still there is place for improvement. That’s what the Wix app goes for. 

Third-party site features here are in great amount. 

Wix apps here serve as ‘extensions’ for Chrome or ‘plugins’ for WordPress. Sounds different, but the working principle is still the same. Each addition gives new advantages to the project making it practical and powerful. That essentially saves time and money for coders. 

The option is used rather often. It has been installed with the speed 44,000 apps per day. If to count per year – the number of 16 million is impressive. 

All apps are provided with clear descriptions, some of them contain video demos and review from real users. So you can get acquainted with the product before buying it. 

Help & Support

All over the page you can notice small buttons, which have great potential in spite of their size. 

By pressing one of them you appear on the page with necessary tips, video tutorial and other advantages of Help Center.

Unfortunately, live chat support is missing. However, you can appeal via email or ask support to contact on social media. Wix’s official forum serves as platform for users’ discussions, you can read it and post questions of your own. 

Domains and Social Media Integration

When your choice is one of premium plans, a profitable offer from Wix is to get custom domain name for free per one year. Then you have to pay $16.89 annually to go on. And if you have already got existing domain, just connect it by Connect plan for $5.

Connection to any social media accounts leads to increasing their engagement. Using built-in tools you quickly add likes, social buttons, shares and lots of other stuff. That’s the easiest way to help people find your page. 

One shortcoming here is that multi-channel selling is still missing. In comparison with Shopify and BigCommerce, here you can’t sell something right from social media.


As for Search Engine Optimization, Wix can boast with its thought-out system helping you to rank highly on Google. Meta titles and descriptions can be edited, users also tweak header code and customize URLs. 

When you feel not strong enough in SEO, special guidance or keyword support can be provided. Lots of SEO apps serve as great instrument for working with optimization. According to our study, only Weebly’s tools can be compared with instruments of Wix – they both are very strong.

Security, Backups and Restores

Every Wix project is provided with standard SSL security certificates. It means ‘Secure Sockets Layer’ for short, so users are aware that the site they are visiting is safe. Also padlock icon is situated right near your URL. 

For users not to worry that something can go wrong and the content can disappear, a handy autosave feature is realized. Saved multiple versions allow to restore the project to a previous point just by one click. 

Wix Ascend (Marketing)

According to the name, service increases your project’s professional level. You gain three advantages through one decision: get feedback from visitors, promote the website and activate automatization.

Though competitors offer platforms, which direction is marketing, Wix still can propose both this and some more options. 

  • Social media posts.
  • Wix automations.
  • Live chat. 
  • SEO. 
  • Email marketing.

Nice offer? However, the option is paid. The price varies between $9-45 monthly, depending on what will you add. Wix provides thorough review of available plans. 

So, the pricing proves that some investments can improve your business and help it grow. And flexible variety of pricing allows to pay only for what you need, just choose the fitting plan. 

Wix Pricing and Value for Money

We can’t finish the research and not discuss the pricing. The question is essential who wants to use advanced options and work on the platform for a long time. So, for easy tasks you can even use Wix for free.

Paid plans provide wider opportunities, their cost is between $11-$35. Meanwhile free plan comes with limited tools, but can be in service for beginners. Pricing of paid plans increases when you want to use more options. First of all you can remove Wix advertising and have custom domain name for a year of free using. 

If you purchased the product and realized that it’s not exactly what you need, use the Wix guarantee, that is available for two weeks, and return the money. 

The total price consists of following in the plan features. Besides, if you choose the more expensive plan, it includes all the characteristics of the cheaper one, but also has additional functions. It can be fast support or amount of creative templates, as well. 

Discounts are also available: purchase for the whole year and get 25% off. Or, if you are going to stay here for a long time, prepay for two years and save 43%.

Pro plan is one of the advanced Wix products. Users with small businesses get proper support and opportunity to develop their website for $50. This price also allows to use Ascend, so it can be called a complete product for marketing. 

For projects with bigger scale developers offer Business Unlimited plan. Here the advantages are in access to all help services of the platform. Bandwidth comes unlimited. All these characteristics easily serve for online store creation, where e-commerce tools of Wix are the main instruments for website building.

Wix Review: Summary

Taking an account of previously listed benefits, we can conclude that Wix is the right service for building fabulous website with rich filling and potential. Users choose any direction, tools and templates cover all of them. 

Ready-made patterns with professional implementation give a quick and confident start not only for beginners, but also for advanced users. Easy drag-and-drop option together with other tools make your project really powerful. 

Though not all services here are free, extra options don’t cost a lot. You don’t hire coders or designers and save a fortune. Especially if you prepay and estimate the advantages of discounts. 

In our opinion, any customer, who is looking for a platform to realise a small project or even own business, can boldly use Wix. Apps and tools for SEO help searching engines to find you new webpage. While plenty of additions allow the platform to grow. Here you find everything for developing portfolios, blogs etc. 

However, limitations appear with e-commerce, where competitors like Shopify can offer better conditions. For example, changing templates on Wix is impossible, if you do, all the content will disappear. Absence of live chat is another essential weak point. 

These shortages are not so noticeable, especially in comparison with all strengths. What impressed us the most is that support can still operate well even without chat online. 

Beginners spend a few minutes to learn the interface and quickly begin to create. You can always start for free and if any plan was paid for, two weeks of guarantee allow to refund if something is wrong. Some customers use the platform without payments forever. 

To try out the service the biggest thing you can lose is just 30 minutes of your time. If not to be in a hurry and give this platform a chance, Wix can positively surprise new users and offer them to stay.


Why is it better to use Wix than to hire a real developer?

Here you don’t depend on other people and pay only for services that you see and want to purchase yourself. No emergent circumstances or sudden price increasings.

Does it go with WordPress?

These platforms are separated, though the purpose of both is website building. Wix has already everything you need, so it’s all-in-one solution and doesn’t need to be supplemented.

Is hosting with Wix free?

If you use the trial version, you don’t have hosting and don’t pay. When you buy any plans, these options become included and you don’t pay for them separately.

What about other languages?

Sure. Besides, you can create the project on your language and then use Wix Multilingual to translate it all. It covers everything: SEO settings, links, background and Wix Stores.

Can I use my account together with someone else?

System has several levels of authority, so you can share your project with partners completely or even give access only to certain sections. So Wix is really friendly for cooperation and working with the team.